Akron OH Ramona Drive, Radon dropped from 7.4 pCi/L to .7 pCi/L!


This customer called us as he was in the process of selling, and a routine radon test came back high from his buyers.  He wanted to get it done quickly, provided us with a code to enter the home at our convenience, and paid in advance…that’s our kind of guy!  Upon entering the home for the first time, we could tell he took great pride in its maintenance.  The home was immaculate, recently remodeled with excellent taste, and had great curb appeal.  We always take special care to keep homes in the same condition as when we arrive, but we went above and beyond for this customer!


His buyers tested the home at 7.4 pCi/L, and we were able to get it down to .7 pCi/L!  We used an AMG prowler fan and dug a HUGE suction pit. This home had a lot of sand and not a lot of aggregate, so we chose this fan for its awesome fan curve at higher resistance levels.  Upon starting the system, we measured resistance at 2.2″ WC which is right in the wheelhouse of the fan we chose.  Apparently, we chose right…or the test wouldnt have come back so low! Here’s a few pics from this project:


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