Akron Ohio Radon Mitigation

Akron Radon Reduction Systems is NE Ohio’s #1 radon mitigation specialist.  We custom-design every system to meet our clients’ needs.

  • If, for example, you don’t want the 4″ PVC pipe exposed on the exterior of your home, we’ll perform an “interior install”.  In this type of mitigation system, the fan is placed in the attic or garage (Ohio law requires that it be placed in an unconditioned space with no living area above).  The only thing you’ll see on the exterior of the home, in this instance, is a 4″ PVC stack protruding from the roof (just like a soil stack for your plumbing system).  Learn more about the differences between interior & exterior mitigation systems here.
  • If you need a quick solution to close a real estate deal, we’ve got you covered!  Just skip the “online request” feature on our website, and call us directly at 330-915-4999.
  • Perhaps you’ve already had a test performed and you aren’t sure how to interpret the results?  Feel free to call and ask!  We have a State of Ohio licensed Radon Mitigation Specialist on the schedule every day.  This is not an easy license to obtain in Ohio – it involves over 40 hours of initial classwork, passing 2 national exams, filing a plethora of documents on a regular basis with the Ohio Department of Health, 16 hours of continuing education classes annually, semi-annual calibration of our testing equipment and more.  If you have a question, there’s a good chance we can answer it on the spot! Call 330-915-4999.
  • If you live in Summit County (Akron, Copley, Barberton, Norton, Stow, Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls etc), we’re practically neighbors!  That said, we do service all adjacent counties.
  • Maybe you’re just a concerned citizen and want to learn more about the radon levels in your home?  Don’t hesitate to reach out! Before you do though, we suggest you check out the EPA’s Citizens Guide to Radon.
  • ARRS does perform radon testing as a separate service from mitigation – you don’t necessarily need to hire us to do both!

Please call 330-915-4999 to speak to a representative 7 days a week, between 9am-5pm!  If you need mitigation, we’ve got your covered!

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