Cuyahoga Falls Radon Job – March 2018

Radon Mitigation – Overbrook Dr, Cuyahoga Falls OH

This job was recently completed (March 2018).  We got a call 5 days before closing indicating that a test came back high (about 7 pCi/L) and the seller needed a job done quickly!  We know how these things can be, so we assured our new client that we’d take care of the problem in a timely fashion.  Within a day, we had her new system installed. Two days later, we had her new test results ready for her buyers. With a high-powered AMG Prowler radon fan, we dropped the radon level below .2 pCi/L!  We couldn’t be happier with the results, and our new customer was just as pleased.  As always, we offered her a 5-year manufacturer warranty on the fan and a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. Unlike some other companies in the area, our warranty will follow the home (that just makes sense…right?).

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