Why do I have to fix radon in my home? I’ve lived here a long time and haven’t had an issue!

To be blunt, you don’t have to fix a ‘radon issue’.  After all, radon isn’t an ‘issue’ until it becomes a problem. For most, the problem arises when selling their home.  A home inspector does a radon test for the buyers, the test results come back above 4.0 pCi/L, and then the buyers insist that the seller fixes the problem before closing.  Less common is a doctor or health professional suggesting that a homeowner checks their home for high radon levels due to a health issue.  Certainly, both of these scenarios present ‘problems’ for the homeowner. 

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But, my home has been here for X years, and we are fine!

This may well be true!  However, it may be easier to fix the problem for your prospective buyer and move along.  Alternately, you can negotiate.  If you do decide to fix the problem though, Akron Radon is the first company we’d like you to call.   Owner operator Jason Hoffman has been mitigating homes for nearly a decade in NE Ohio. He’s helped homeowners get to the closing table on-time, fixed ‘problem houses’ when others could not, and even talked a few ‘over-zealous’ concerned homeowners out of taking action when mitigation wasn’t warranted.  With over 2000 homes successfully mitigated of radon in the NE Ohio area, Akron Radon continues to be the #1 choice for motivated homeowners, sellers, real estate agents, home inspectors and waterproofing contractors.

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 A quick story to show you how common radon is in Summit County…

Radon is everywhere.  Outside at any given time, the lowest levels detectable are around 0.4 pCi/L. This means that we’re breathing radon while enjoying the great outdoors!  Exposure to higher levels for extended periods of time, radon has been proven to cause lung cancer and kills over 25,000 people annually.  Nonetheless, some people aren’t worried about it… and we don’t blame them!  Some of us do, ingest, breathe and consume many other things that are far more dangerous to our health than long-term radon exposure!  Some people ARE concerned, and we don’t blame them either!

On the western edge of Summit county along Route 18 (W. Market St), is a new development called Miller’s Farm (Copley OH).  Pulte built about 150 homes on the site of an old farm – beautiful homes– from about 2017-2020.  This neighborhood is part of the highly coveted Revere school district & the homes have modern floorplans, trendy flooring choices, cool kitchens and spacious rec-rooms.  Priced between $400,000 & $600,000, you’d think Miller’s Farm is the “perfect” place to raise a family!  In 2017, we started getting calls from new homeowners to test for radon or install radon mitigation systems in this new allotment.  What began as a single customer every month or so turned into a regular flow of calls and inquiries.  Along they way, we partnered with Pulte to ensure that customers who’d just built homes were compensated by Pulte if the home tested high for radon (Pulte offered the customers a set credit, and let them choose how to handle it).

In the last 3 years, we have tested about 10 homes in the allotment and have installed mitigation systems in at least 30 of them!  Garnett Circle has been the most popular with 13 installations, followed by Braxton Ct and Harvester Dr.

The very simple point of this anecdote is that radon is everywhere, regardless of the age or price of the home.  Just because a home is new, or because you’ve not yet had a ‘problem’ with radon, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!

If your home tests high for radon, we’d like the chance to help!

If you have a home that tested high for radon and you’re trying to figure out how to handle it, please reach out! Our pricing is up-front and can be seen online.  We have well over 200 5-star reviews on Google.  We’re a local, owner-operated company that specializes in mitigation.  Call 330-915-4999 to speak to owner Jason Hoffman today!

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