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What is Radon Mitigation?

Radon Mitigation is a fancy way of saying “Radon Removal” or “Radon Elimination”.   When a home’s radon concentrations are high, mitigation is the process by which Akron Radon reduces it to an acceptable level.  The EPA suggests mitigation in homes where levels are at or above 4.0 pCi/L.  The World Health Organization uses a slightly lower standard of 3.1 pCi/L.

How is Radon Mitigation in Medina done?

In most homes, we employ a technique referred to as sub-slab depressurization.  First, we will core-drill a 5″ hole in the concrete basement floor (or slab, if the home has no basement).  Out of that hole we will remove at least 5 gallons of substrate (usually a mixture of gravel, sand, clay and dirt).  This hole is referred to as an “access point” or “suction pit”.  Next, we drill a 5″ hole through the wood at the top of an exterior basement wall.  Then, we run a 4″ pipe from the suction pit up the wall, and out of the hole in the wall.  On the outside of the home just above the exit-point we will mount an inline radon fan.  From there, the pipe will continue up the side of the home and at least 12″ past the gutter.  We will then hardwire an electrical line to a switch outside which controls the fan.  This will allow for easy maintenance of the fan in the future.  Finally, we mount a u-tube manometer to the pipe in the basement so the homeowner can monitor the fan’s operation.

One the fan is turned on, it is effectively sucking air from below the basement floor and exhausting it above the roof line.  This creates a negative-pressure environment below the home which allows the radon gas an unfettered route away from the home.  As long as the fan is installed properly and remains on, there is no way for the gas to seep into the home and build-up to dangerous levels.

What exactly IS radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps from soil and rocks surrounding Medina Ohio homes.  Some areas are more prone to high radon levels as there is more shale and granite in the earth around the homes…these rocks have higher levels of uranium which eventually breaks down into radium and other isotopes.

Even though radon occurs naturally and is always present in the air we breathe, its radioactive nature can be dangerous in high concentrations.  Some homes are built in such a way that radon accumulates in the lowest level of the home, creating a potential health-hazard for its occupants.

When is radon mitigation in Medina necessary?

Most often, we help remove radon from homes that are being sold.  When a home-buyer performs a pre-purchase radon test that comes back high (4.0+ pCi/L), they will often insist that the seller takes care of the problem.  The seller will then reach out to their realtor for referrals, or contact Akron Radon directly.

Sometimes, Medina homeowners are simply curious about the radon level in their home and request a test for their own piece-of-mind.  If the test comes back high, they usually want the issue resolved.   Resolving high radon levels is what Akron Radon does!

Scheduling Radon Mitigation and Testing in Medina OH

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