Akron Radon is a state licensed Radon Contractor (RC-253) and Radon Specialist (RS-453). We perform all work in accordance with EPA and Ohio Department of Health (ODH) radon standards.


We install both internal and external radon mitigation systems as explained here.  In all installations, a 4-5″ hole will be drilled into the basement floor.  Gravel/dirt will be excavated from the hole to create a suction pit.  From there, a pipe will run up the foundation wall to either the outside of the home (external) or attic (internal).  A fan is mounted in-line, and the pipe then extends at least 12 inches above your roof or eave.  The top of the pipe will be capped with a wire mesh varmint guard, and a blue manometer will be installed on the lower level of the system as a visual indication of its activation.  All sump pumps will be manually tested and them sealed  with a lids as required by ODH standards.  Visible cracks will be sealed with silicon caulk and backer rod. For a more detailed look at the process, start here.


Most projects will take 2.5-4.5 hours to complete.  The actual time necessary to complete your job can vary greatly depending on the material we find below the slab. The estimated start/end times for your project will be listed on your formal contract.

We will use silicon caulk and PVC primer/glue in your home.  These materials have a strong smell which will be present for 12-24 hours.  Material Safety Data Sheets can be provided if so desired.

While we do guarantee and warrant our work, there are some exclusions. Instances where our initial proposal, price and guarantees may not be applicable include a) the discovery of a high water table below the slab b) installation/existence of an interior waterproofing system c) inadequate sub-slab aggregate (most common in homes built before 1950) d) areas inaccessible due to finished basements or other structures. If any of these situations are encountered, Akron Radon will work with the you to find the best solution.


While there is no maintenance required to ensure the continued efficacy of your mitigation system, it is still recommended that a licensed radon tester re-test the home every 2 years.  Our systems will cost approximately $50-75/year to operate.  All Warranty and Guarantee information is included on your contract.


Akron Radon will not perform a mitigation installation in a home where Akron Radon performed the only initial test prior to a mitigation system being installed.  You can learn more here.   Akron Radon can provide you with a low-cost DIY lab tests for pre or post mitigation result confirmation or we can direct you to several local independent licensed radon testers.  After we have installed a mitigation system, we will perform a post-test to confirm the results of the process. You may also confirm our results with another independent tester if so desired