Radon Mitigation Fan Replacement – Akron, Canton, Cleveland OH

Like any other machine, radon mitigation fans will eventually stop working.  According to industry manufacturers, the average life expectancy of a radon fan is 11 years.  We’ve replaced some that are as young as 6 or 7 years old, and others that have been running 24/7 for almost 20 years!  Luckily, the radon fans we install (75% are Radon Away, and 25% are AMG) come with 5 year manufacturer’s warranties.  If your fan dies within the first 5 years of an Akron Radon installation, give us a call at 330-915-4999 and we’ll start the warranty claim process for you. If the fan is older than 5 years (just looks at the stickers on the fan for a manufacture date, or on your Radon Mitigation information sticker on the pipe itself), we can still help with a replacement.  Depending on the type of fan and a few other factors, a replacement service call will run between $250 and $350 dollars.

In the pictures below, we are replacing a 10-year-old RP260 fan for a customer in Westlake.  Although his fan still worked, he noticed it getting louder and louder as time went on.  All electric motors have a finite lifespan, but 3 things can really accelerate their failure: a) out-of-level installation leads to premature bearing wear b)moisture getting into the armatures, capacitors, and bearings causing corrosion c)excessive heat.  The first two factors can be mitigated by having your system installed by an experienced technician. Heat, on the other hand, is something we can’t help with!

If you have questions about replacing a radon fan in NE Ohio, give us a call at 330-915-4999 and we’ll talk you through your options.


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