Radon Mitigation in Firestone Park, Akron Oh


This job was on Stephens Rd in the Firestone Park neighborhood of Akron Ohio. It was a small slab ranch (no basement) built around 1950.  There were very few places we could install the system, and after discussing options with our client, it was installed in the laundry room.  When working in a ranch home with no basement, we use the same techniques as in home with basements.  There’s just less pipe, and usually less room to work.



This job did post one challenge that we don’t often see, which is drilling our 5″ core hole through porcelain tile.  To the unknowing, porcelain sounds very fragile.  In reality, porcelain actually is one of the hardest materials to drill through and requires a diamond-tipped bit!  You’ll see a few pictures of the muddy mess we made while drilling these tiles, which is a result of using water to cool our drill bit as we slowly chewed through the porcelain.  Below, you can see the wood form we use as a template to keep our diamond bit from jumping around when first starting the hole.


This particular customer was referred to us by one of our favorite ReMax realtors and was ecstatic about the workmanship our technicians displayed.  Part of his Google review reads The crew that installed our radon removal equipment were very clean and professional. I will be absolutely having them do my inspections every 2 years as called for. Thank you Jason for your professionalism and knowledge…”



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