Radon Mitigation – Interior or Exterior Installation? 4

Akron Radon Reduction Systems’ main objective during an installation is to to remove the radon from the soils surrounding your home and discharge them above your roof-line. This technique is referred to as sub-slab depressurization (SSD).  We will determine the optimal location for access (suction) points, fan installation, and exhaust.  The most cost-effective option is what we call an “exterior installation”.  That is, the fan and exhaust pipes are installed outside of your home, like this:


Some homeowners prefer a more discreet installation, and want the fan/exhaust piping installed in an unfinished attic-space.  This is what we call an “interior installation”.  A few images can be seen here:

In most interior installations, we are able to run pipe from your basement, to the garage, and out the garage roof.  The configuration of your home, its finished areas, and roof will all dictate if an interior installation is possible.  Sometimes, for example, there’s no way to route the pipe through unfinished spaces into your attic.  Occasionally, the pipe runs are so long that an upgraded fan is required.   An interior installation is most aesthetically pleasing, but also takes longer to complete and carries an additional charge.  You can review pricing guidelines here.


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