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Radon Removal

Akron Radon Removal


Radon removal is Akron Radon’s specialty.  While we do offer radon testing services for motivated homeowners and real estate transactions, Akron Radon focuses on efficient methods by which radon can be removed from your home.  We have completed over 1000 mitigations in Summit, Stark, Medina and Portage counties and continue to innovate in our field.  All of our technicians are licensed by the ODH ( Ohio Department of Health) and take continuing education courses annually to maintain their licenses.  We employ only Radon Specialists and Radon Contractors.

How can Radon be Removed?


The most common method of radon removal is called sub-slab depressurization.   When deploying this technique, we first design a custom system tailored to your home or building.  The total square footage, footprint size, age of the home and location all come into play.  Once the system is designed and approved by our on-site specialist, work commences.  We’ll start by core-drilling a 5″ hole into your basement floor and then clear out about 10 gallons of debris from below the slab.  This creates a suction point, or access pit.  From here. schedule 40 PVC pipe is run up the wall and out of the home’s rim joist (the 8-10″ tall piece of wood above the foundation of your home, visible from the basement).  Once the pipe is outside, it’s turned upward and a fan is fitted in-line before it exhausts 12″ above your gutter or roofline.    By drawing air from below your slab (effectively reducing pressure below the slab, hence the term “sub-slab depressurization”), radon gas naturally follows this new path of little resistance.  The majority of the radon gas that would have previously seeped into your home will now be exhausted above the roofline.


The other method of radon removal that we employ regularly is the installation of an HRV system.  An HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) is a high-tech 4-way fan that exhausts stale air from your home and replaces it with fresh air from outside.  What makes the HRV special is the aluminum core within the unit that ensures the energy losses from the air transfer are minimal.  Instead of exhausting 70 degree air and replacing it with 30 degree air in the winter months, we are exhausting 70 degree air and replacing with with approximately 55-60 degree air by using an HRV.  We’ve written several  articles about HRV’s and even have a great video to watch here:

How can Akron Radon Help?

Akron Radon specializes in quick, proficient and efficient installations of radon removal systems.  You can check our pricing page, email us for a free quote, or call 330-915-4999 to speak to a technician about your project.  Additionally, we suggest you Google “Akron Radon” and look at our reviews…we work hard to make certain every customer is satisfied with their mitigation system!