Real Estate Transactions

Very often, we are asked to reduce radon levels in a home involved in a real estate transaction. All Radon Mitigation Specialists in OH are held to different standards for real-estate transactions than for “self-motivated home dwellers”.  The reason is simple – time!  If you are reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’re trying to close a real estate transaction but need to find a company to perform radon mitigation first.  If so, you’ve come to the right place! Akron Radon specializes in quick turnaround times for realtors and real-estate transactions.

Anecdotal data collected by our technicians indicate that about 80% of home-buyers request a radon test along with their home inspection.  Of those tests, about 30% come back above the 4.0 pCi/l “action level” set by the EPA (home location, age, and design all affect this number).  At this point in the transaction, the radon test is a “contingency” factor, meaning that the buyers can back out if they aren’t satisfied with the test results.  When the results come in high, buyers (or their agents) will generally ask the seller to pay for mitigation.  In other words, as long as the seller can get the radon gas readings to an acceptable levels, the buyers are willing to move forward with the purchase.  If the buyer decides not to fix the radon issue, they’re required to disclose the high reading on their real-estate disclosure form to notify all future potential buyers.  If the test comes back high, it needs to be handled in one way or another.  And that’s where Akron Radon Reduction Systems comes into play!

We have plenty of experience in these transactions and know how to get you to your closing as quickly and painlessly as possible.  We’ll work directly with the buyers, sellers, or real estate agents to ensure that all necessary paperwork is handled once the radon issue is resolved.  If this scenario sounds familiar, give us a ring!  We’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

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