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Akron Radon specializes in reduction system installations. This means that we focus on reducing, or eliminating, radon within a given space. By nature, we can also test for radon concentration levels to ensure every job is completed satisfactorily. While we DO offer radon testing as a standalone service, providing mitigation (reduction) services after a positive test in a real-estate transaction creates a conflict of interest.  We will still provide testing and mitigation services in a real-estate transaction, but want you to be informed prior to hiring us.

We suggest that you hire an independent third party to do your initial testing in a real-estate transaction.  If a problem is found, we’re the best choice for installing an radon elimination system.  Then, after we provide certified post-mitigation test results to confirm the reduction of radon below the EPA “action level” of 4.0 pCi/L, you can have your third-party tester verify the results if desired.  Most home inspectors offer radon testing as an add-on service, and often do so at bundled or discounted rate.

An alternate solution to check your home’s radon levels before contacting us is a DIY at-home radon testing kit. A quick Google or Amazon search for “charcoal radon tests” will turn up a variety of relatively accurate test options.  While they do not show hourly fluctuations and are not as accurate as  the CRM (continuous radon monitor) that we use, they can at least provide a baseline or re-test data point.  Accustar’s charcoal test kits are our favorite, at about $30 each.

In summary, we offer testing and mitigation services. However, it may be viewed as a conflict of interest in a real-estate transaction to have your initial test and mitigation system installation performed by the same company. Akron Radon’s integrity is unmatched, which is why we want our customers to be well-informed prior to hiring us!

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