Wadsworth OH Radon Mitigation and Testing

Wadsworth Ohio – Radon Mitigation / Testing

What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is present in all parts of the country.  Some areas, depending on geographical features, are prone to higher levels of radon than others.  Outdoors in Wadsworth Ohio, radon concentration levels range from .3 pCi/L to .8 pCi/; radon is present in the air at all times.  At these levels, the EPA and World Health Organization do not suspect that it poses great health risks.  At higher concentrations (above 4.0 pCi/L), radon has been proven to be hazardous to human health and is suspected to be the #2 cause of lung cancer in the USA.

Why is Radon in Wadsworth OH a Concern?

According to researchers, radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in the USA behind smoking.  It has a tendency to concentrate in enclosed spaces, like basements, once it seeps from surrounding soils. Exposure to high levels of radon over an extended period of time has been proven to be a detriment to our health.  All that said, we are not scientists!  We simply provide a service to test for, and in some cases mitigate, radon.

Akron Radon gets calls from two categories of people: those involved in real estate transactions, and those concerned with their health.  Over 80% of our calls come from a seller in a real-estate transaction who is being required by the buyer to mitigate- or reduce – radon levels in the home they are selling.  The remaining 20% are from people who are curious about radon levels in their home and are looking for a test, or have already tested and want something done about it. In either instance, Akron Radon is the top choice for Wadsworth residents with radon problems.

Radon Testing in Wadsworth Ohio

Radon testing is quick and simple.  Akron Radon uses digital CRM’s (continuous radon monitors) for accurate, detailed radon concentration testing.  To conduct a test, we place a small box in the lowest level of your home where it should remain undisturbed for at least 48 hours.  Upon retrieval, our technicians will download the data and covert it into a PDF report for your review.  The report includes radon readings by the hour in list and chart form, as well as other information specific to your situation. To schedule a radon test in Wadsworth, please call 330-915-4999 or fill out this form.

Radon Mitigation – How it’s Done

Drilling access point

Radon mitigation simply means removing or reducing radon.  In 99% of homes, we use a technique referred to as Sub-slab Depressurization.  To start, we will drill a 5″ hole in your basement floor.  Next, we will scoop out about 5-10 gallons of substrate (gravel, dirt, clay) from the hole to create what we call an access point.  From this hole, a 4″ piece of Schedule 40 PVC pipe will be run up the wall and out of the side of your home.  From there, the pipe runs into the bottom of a fan, and then continues above the roofline.  The type and size of fan we install depends on what we discover when we open up the basement floor.  However, most fans are very efficient and only cost $2.50-$5/month to operate.  We will hard-wire the fan into your electrical system, meaning that it is not plugged-in. Rather, it becomes a permanent element in your home’s electrical system that cannot be accidentally unplugged.  We will also install a gauge in your basement so you can see that the system is operational at a quick glance.  If you have a sump pump in the basement, we will seal its lid.  We also seal any large cracks in the basement floor.

The goal with SSD (sub-slab depressurization) is to provide radon gas an ‘easy way out’ of the soil around your basement, instead of the ‘easy way out’ being INTO your basement. By creating a negative pressure situation, the gas has nowhere to go but up and out of your home!

For a more detailed look at what we will do, check out this blog post.  You can also watch videos on our Youtube channel here.

Schedule a Radon Test or Mitigation in Wadsworth

To speak to us about scheduling a test or mitigation, give us a ring at 330-915-4999.  Alternately, you can submit your information electronically here.  Akron Radon’s owner personally responds to all requests and is present on every job!  If you get our voicemail, please leave a message and he will call you back as quickly as possible.