What to Expect When Expecting (Akron Radon to Mitigate a Radon Problem)…

Akron Radon Reduction Systems was founded on core principles that every customer will appreciate.  We offer proficient, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for radon reduction in the home.

Proficient: All of our technicians have undergone extensive training as required by the Ohio Department of Health.  They are licensed Radon Mitigation Specialists, having undergone 40 hours of classroom training and passed 2 national exams.  Management knows the construction trades well with over 15 years experience renovating (structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC) and managing properties in NE Ohio.  Our founder has experience running a high-volume service-oriented business in NE Ohio and has implemented many of his proven processes to streamline the customer experience.

Efficient: We will complete every job in the most efficient manner possible.  From the booking process to a follow-up survey, the customer experience is streamlined using cloud-based software. This means that our customers can request a quote, view their proposal/estimate, book & pay for their mitigation installation, sign their contracts, receive test results and mitigation drawings, and provide feedback online.  Automating the administrative side of the business allows us to focus on what we do best….fixing the problem of high radon-readings in your home!  We have a job to do, and we do it well.

Cost Effective: By automating administrative functions and employing well-trained technicians, we’re able to design and install the least expensive (yet most effective) radon-reduction systems in NE Ohio.  Not every job needs an elaborate system or a high-powered fan.  Some jobs require special modifications to the electrical system and structural components, while others do not.  We’ll ensure that you only pay for what you need, and we back up our work with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

Customer’s Bill of Rights

  1. Our customers have a right to speedy customer service online, by email, and in person
  2. Our customers have a right to see our credentials, training certifications, and State License at any time
  3. Our customers have a right to speak to an educated technician to answer all questions prior to hiring us
  4. Our customers have a right to receive a phone call the day before installation to confirm details and ask questions
  5. Our customers have a right to a clean and tidy home after we complete installation
  6. Our customers have a right to receive test results and supporting documentation as quickly as permissible, once the job is complete
  7. Our customers have a right to excellent workmanship backed by a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee
  8. Our customers have a right to speak to a licensed installer after the job is complete, at any time, to ask questions about their Radon Reduction System

What to Expect

  1. We will need the power on in your home
  2. We’re going to make some noise!  Please secure any pets that may be alarmed by loud noises.
  3. We’re going to make a mess; drilling concrete is dirty business.  But…we’re also going to clean it up!
  4. We need a signed contract from the homeowner, as well as any required deposit, prior to starting installation. This can be completed online or in person.
  5. You need not be present for the entire installation, but should be present at the beginning and end.  We will first show you our plans for the design/implementation, and then walk you through the finished product.
  6. Final payment is due the day of the install, upon completion.

Call 330-915-4999 to schedule an estimate or installation!

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